Silicone Mat
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  • MULTIPLE USAGE: The silicone mat can be used on kitchen counters or sinks, as a liner for refrigerators or drawers,a heatproof mat,a non-slip pet food mat and so on
  • The unique grain design can drain the water of wet dish efficiently and quickly and allow water to evaporate quic
  • Silicone Dish Drying Mat is also a heat-resistant pad heat-resistant to 450 degrees Fahrenheit / 230 degrees Celsius
  • The silicone pad is soft and flexible. so Silicone Dish Drying Mat can be rolled up or folded conveniently
  • This silicone pad is easy to clean and can be rinsed directly or scrubbed with water
  • Silicone pads have multiple uses and can be used as refrigerator or drawer linings heat-resistant pads non-slip pet food pads
  • Anti-scalding and heat insulation: heat-resistant and effective heat insulation to protect your beloved table from being scalded. Daily household hot pots and soup bowls are used for heat insulation

  • Bending freely: Made of soft silicone material, waterproof, anti-skid, cold and heat resistant, not easy to deform and easy to clean, can be used repeatedly
  • Texture design: honeycomb texture design, enhanced friction, stable and not easy to slip
  • Suspension design, does not take up space, There are
  • Available in 10 colors of hanging holes on the mat to add beautiful colors to your home and kitchen