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• Perfect for Bar, Kitchen and BBQ tasks
• Hygienic
• Hang Hole for hanging and easy handling
• Will not dull knives
• Sizes available 33x20cm, 37x23cm, 40x25cm, thickness 1cm


This item is a squeeze bottle that can be used to store various viscous content

• For controlled dispensing of ketchup, mustard and dressing


The modern cutlery set captivates with ideal proportions and cobination with a timeless design.

The cutlery self has elegant handle design. Feel the touch of idividuality  and inspire your guests with this special feature.

Minimalist handle styling

The flatware set is made of quality food grade stainless steel, with the special handle styling, fashion colors.

This makes the cutlery very well combined with various decorations and porcelain. Suitable for various banquets.

• Completed electroplated with titanium metal,rustproof,high hardness,no distortion,Lead-free,Cadmium-free,Phthalate-free,BPA-free durable and eco-friendly.

• The cutlery set has a simple,clean appearance, it creates a minimalist table setting and is ideal for dinner parties,celebrations and wedding

Package include:
• 6*Dinner knife
• 6*Dinner Spoon
• 6*Fork
• 6*Tea Spoon

• Coating machinery is introduced and improved for some processes for longer brighter. NO scratching. NO depainting

Further cleaning and care tips:

If possible, clean used cutlery thoroughly immediately and dry at once. we recommend cleaning by hand! Cleaning cutlery in a dishwasher may impair outward appearance. This does not occur when cared forin the, which may by hand.

Please note therefore the following cleaning instructions:

- Aggressive detergents, leaving soiled cutlery for days in the dishwasher, high temperatures etc. are some of the many causes which may produce marks or even corrosion, especially on knife blades.

- Please do not put any chemical process on the products, especially strong acid / strong base. The cutlery can change color as a result of food residues containing common salt or acid (e.g. mayonnaise, fish stock, vinegar) It is, therefore, important to clean the cutlery, particularly knives, as soon as possible after use

- Cutlery should not be soaked in rinse water or remain damp.

- To ensure durability, do not use steel wire or hard material to clean this product.


Our dome serving set are absolutely presentable affordable, practical and reusable.

  • Elegant Warmer for 6 in 1 Server
  • Turnable Food Warmer for Easy Serving
  • Keep Food Warm with Heating Liquid or Wax

Traditionally decorated Chinese tea mug.
This three piece set includes a mug , lid, and removable diffuser for brewing loose or bagged tea.

• Holds about 10 oz of liquid.
• Food safe and lead free.
• Made with porcelain ,so caution is advised when using in the dishwasher or microwave.
• Also makes great coffee mug cup if you remove the infuser and lid.


• High quality PP material

• Strong & durable

• Microwavable

• Handle on top for easy to open

• Hygiene & Clean

• Side holes to prevent food from spoiling easily


Elegant Cake Display generous and beautiful. Practical add modern color to your home

• Stylish wrought iron, generous and practical, clean and beautiful, add a modern color to your home


Compact and Convenient

It has a clear display, high precision strain gauge sensors, and a conveniently included plastic measurement bowl. Place it in your kitchen to measure ingredients for a recipe or just portions of your food to help you diet!


It is ideal for holding memo, bills, receipts, and small notes, where we can easily keep track of nightly receipts. Featuring stainless steel body finishing, this bill holder can be assured to be durable and rust proof. With a heavy round base too, it is easy to stand on the table.


The commercial deck mount faucet with sprayer can be easily installed to replace traditional sinks. Our commercial kitchen pre-rinse sink sprayer will cut dishwashing time in half and make your time in the kitchen easier and more effective.

• The high-arch open-coil spout can rotate at 360 degree, able to reach every part of the sink

• Easy to clean with Spring Action Flexible Hose


Especially designed for small preparations, sauces and emulsions !

• Lightweight, quick, efficient and powerful.


The Victorinox knife bag 7.4011.47 is a solid and professional bag with enough room for 8 knives with a maximum blade length of 30 cm. The inside flaps ensure that the knives don't damage each other. With this knife bag you can safely store and transport all your knives.

• The solid material is made from 60% PES and 40% PVC. 


Especially designed for small preparations, sauces and emulsions !

• Lightweight, quick, efficient and powerful.


Are you looking for water ladle for home use? If you are, look at here. This water ladle must be your best choice. Made of sturdy material for long time and durable use. Long enough handle and large enough scoop, it will protect you from scald.


• - Anodized aluminum alloy, increasing resistance to corrosion and wear

• - Meeting the strictest sanitation requirements

• - High precision slicing control thickness

• - Food carriage mounted on ball bearings featuring exceptionally smooth running

• - Attractive design suitable for any open kitchen or deli shop

• - The smooth finish is durable and easy to clean